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Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as Master Mineral Solution, was invented by Jim Humble. It is a solution of sodium chlorite. When activated with citic acid, it turns into chlorine dioxide. He discovered that chlorine dioxide is highly effective against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other harmful bio-organisms. It does not destroy friendly organisms and healthy cells. This chlorine dioxide ion is the most powerful disease killer that has ever been known. It is important to know that MMS/chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, it is not a bleach.

Below are some benefits of MMS:


Organisms Destroyed
MMS destroys microorganisms, including viruses bacteria, fungus, molds, yeast, and parasites that causes various diseases. Viruses are killed by a different mechanism than bacteria and all the other microorganisms: MMS prevents the formation of special proteins necessary for viral growth, thus causing the destruction of the virus.
The killing of disease-causing organisms generally takes between 4 hours and 4 weeks, but often less than one week.

This is true for all forms of infection and other microorganisms, as well as blood diseases such as leukemia.

Heavy Metals Oxidized
MMS oxidizes the heavy metals in the body. I believe this because there have been a number of tests where the roots of a person’s hair were checked before and after taking MMS. About two weeks afterwards, the heavy metals were gone, including mercury, lead, and others. Testing the roots of hair is a good indication of the absence or presence of heavy metals. Oxidation of the heavy metals is not the same as chelating but the results are the same. When a heavy metal is oxidized, it is neutralized and simply washes out of the body.

Foreign Matter Neutralized
MMS is carried throughout the body, where it neutralizes foreign matter that is generally poisonous. When oxidized, poisons are neutralized and they merely washed out of the body. Almost all poisonous material is easily oxidized. These poisons are attached at various locations and hinder the body’s function. As they are oxidized, they are detached and washed out of the body same as the heavy metals.

Poisons Neutralized
Most forms of poisons from snakes and other venomous animals are oxidized when adequate amounts of MMS are taken. Most food poisons found in restaurants or in your refrigerator are oxidized, which is why one should take a dose every 15 minutes when snake poisons or food poisoning is involved.

Burns Healed
The poisons generated by burns particularly type 3 burns, are neutralized when covered immediately (or even within hours) with MMS. MMS should not be left on more than 5 minutes. It must then be rinsed off with water. This can be done twice for a total of having MMS on the burn for 10 minutes, no longer in most cases. But as long as there is pain, one can continue to put MMS on the burn for short periods, but never more than 5 minutes.

MMS is used to treat AIDS, Hepatitis, Flu, Lyme disease, Malaria, Herpes, Tuberculosis (TB), Diabetes, Cancer, infections, skin burns, poisoning, skin problems and other (life threatening) diseases.
You can also use it to purify water, to disinfect materials and for many other purposes.

MMS is not only highly effective it is also very cheap. Good health is now available for everybody

Chlorine Dioxide Solution is Chlorine Dioxide Gas dissolved in distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Chlorine Dioxide is the active agent in MMS . Distilled water is pure water with nothing, and
Andreas Kalcker discovered a method of mixing MMS1 and capturing the gas in distilled water (or a saline solution).

It has the advantage of very little taste (although the smell can be strong) , no smell. no nausea and most people do not have the stomach upset they might get with activated MMS. It has proven particularly useful in skin issues. CDS does not require activation, so no citric acid is needed

Here is how you can make CDS:

When you use CDS in stead of MMS1, keep the following in mind:

- 3 ml CDS,1000 ppm (parts per million) = 3 activated MMS1 drops
- 1 ml CDS, 3000 ppm = 3 MMS drops
- 0,5 ml CDS 6000 ppm = 3 MMS drops

You can check the strength (PPM) of cds with a test strip.

You can find more info about making CDS on the MMS forum.

Read also first the fundamentals for using MMS and the very important newsletter from Jim Humble about the effectiveness of MMS.

Here you can see which protocol to use for a disease.

Here are all Jim Humble-MMS Protocols:

Protocol 1000
Protocol 1000+
Protocol 2000
Protocol 3000
Protocol 4000
Burn Victims
Cancer Tests
Children & babies
Clara's 6 & 6
Enema methods
Flu - all types
Fungus control
Gum and Teeth
Life threatening diseases and infections
Nose, Sinus, Bronchical
Skin Care
Swine Flu MMS Protocol
Taste Management
Tub Baths

On the MMS Forum you can find additional info and discuss about MMS.

The testimonials are found here.

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